I have launched a new updated site for financial slaves

December 6, 2014

The site is really awesome – the way I am and you will be hooked seeing the¬†updated version. Being in this business for MANY years the sites need to be updated to add more glance and more photos to make you weaker. I have added the competition for money slaves and other interesting things, so click the photo and see you there ūüėČ

showing the chart of my slaves


Money slavery website

March 1, 2008

Finally I launched my money slavery website:




Money slavery story. Story 2. Squeezing the slave.

January 25, 2008

Story 2. Squeezing the slave.

Strange as it may seem, my favourite slave is my poorest slave. I have slave (Manhattan lawyer) who give me $5,000 a month who I cannot even remember, because he always have no time (work, work, work) and he pays me automatically directly to my bank account. Yet, one slave, who earns only $400 per month, after taxes and bills, is my favourite.

Why? Because I put his tribute up every month, and he always pays.

I know he’s poor because I have seen his payslips and bank statements (they get sent directly to me, after all).

The latest sum I demanded from him was $600, and yet he paid.

To check up on him – and make 100% sure he wasn’t lying about his wealth – I had my other slaves spy on him. Guess what? He actually begs on the street for extra pennies to give to me! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a loser! I simply love the idea of him sitting in the street, in dirty rags, with rain pouring down on his ugly face. I love this because I am going to get every last penny of this.

In fact, what I like to do most is to make the slave come into my bedroom, and hand over the money in person with my boyfriend’s spunk still hanging off my perfect body. I am so untouchable and so far out of his league. Ha!

Most of all, I loved making the slave wait to hand over the cash, whilst my boyfriend and I made passionate love right in front of him.

I do love being a Goddess…

Goddess Lemur


Money slave stories. Story 1. How It Began.

January 24, 2008

Story 1. How It Began.

All my slaves know that I am perfect, with vast wealth, beauty and power. What they don’t know is where all my money comes from. I do, of course, and I always enjoy remembering all about it.

I was 18, and out at a nightclub with some friends. There was an ugly old guy sitting in the VIP area. He kept looking over at me. The idiot was totally smitten, and I knew it. Even at that young age, I knew the power that my beauty gives me.

At one point in the evening, after he had been looking at me, I just walked right up to him and told him that I knew just how beautiful I was, and that if he wanted me then he have to prove that he was worthy of me.

‘What will it take?’ he asked.

‘For me to lift up my skirt and show you my panties, it will be 100 euros’ I lied.

‘Okay, here’s a 100 euros,’ he said, as he handed it over.

I took the note, then smiling, ‘I’ve changed my mind, it will be 500.’

I noticed a smile and flash of excitement on his face as he readily handed over the extra notes. ‘I am going to bleed him dry’, I thought to myself.

‘Actually,’ I said, ‘I have decided not to show you my panties. No, instead I’ve decided that I want you to strip off in front of everyone. And it will cost you all the cash in your wallet.’

‘But,’ he started to say.

‘But, what? Do it. Do it now!’ I barked.

Confused, but excited, the man froze.

‘Look, it’s very simple’, I said. ‘First, I reach into your pocket and take your wallet’, I said as I did just that. I removed the wallet, opened it up, and took the thousands of euros inside. As I did so I felt really horny. I remember licking my lips and feeling so sexy.

Regaining myself, I looked at him. The wretched, pathetic idiot. ‘Actually,’ I said,’you look old and ugly. This place is for cool people who look good. Just get out of here!’

Turned on himself, although he didn’t really understand why, he obeyed. I giggled to myself as he ran off, before counting out the money: 6,500 euros!

‘This is easy’ I said to myself. ‘I am never going to work. I am just going to squeeze money out of idiot men.’

So it all began…


Slave’s dinner. Eat after your Mistress!!

January 10, 2008
Food for my slaves

My slaves have personal food to eat after me. They can find it in my trash and eat it after I LET them to eat.


I don’t¬†let¬†you¬†eat¬†it¬†before¬†you¬†pay!¬†UNDERSTAND????


Financial slavery. Join my financial slavery

January 9, 2008

I’m starting my blog and I will post new my money and financial slaves here. Guys applause to Ted and his first $200. Who is gonna to be next?


Hello my money slaves!

January 9, 2008

Welcome to my money slavery!!! Serve me and pay to your money mistress!

money mistress